Error Trap

Error Trap for SugarCRM

When errors go unnoticed until reported by users, the issues begin to add up and it’s hard to get ahead of correcting them. With the Error Trap plugin, you can capture errors in SugarCRM and notify users to take action, helping your teams to manage any issues proactively versus reactively.

Org Chart For SugarCRM 7

For many workflows in SugarCRM having the correct reports to user is vital for escalation of Tasks or notification purposes. With Organization Chart for SugarCRM it is easy to identify which users either do not report to anybody or are in the wrong team. The built in Sugar Organization Chart Read more…

Organization Chart For SuiteCRM

Managing users in SuiteCRM is a time consuming duty for CRM administrators. Earlier this year we launched Dashboard Copy Manager For SuiteCRM which allows admin users to copy user dashboards across their organization. A missing piece was making managing those users easier for admins. To address this we launched Organization Chart Read more…