Background Updater is an add-on for SugarCRM that helps keep records up to date by looping through records in the background and saving them.

This triggers calculations on records from a variety of sources such as:

  • Sugar Logic
  • Logic Hooks
  • Workflows
  • Process Author

Filter records being run

When we originally release Background Updater records for all configured modules would be saved over and over. In some cases this caused delays in records being updated outside of the 24 hour goal.

For example, if you have 50,000 Opportunity records and only update 100 at each 10 minute interval 3 days would pass before each record was touched.

Background Updater

To address this we enabled the ability to write custom queries to limit the amount of records that would need updating. In the example of having 50,000 Opportunity records it is likely only a relatively small subset of these records need recalculating.

Process Order

Another feature we heard users wanted was the ability to force some modules to be processed before others.

This is important for use cases where parent child relationships exist and the child needs calculations updated before the parent.

A common example is for calculating days a record has been open. Let’s say we have a process that calculates the days Cases are open. Then a field on the Account sums this value for the average days for all related Cases.

These records need to be recalculated daily to stay current and accurate. In this example the Cases need to be processed before the Accounts

Background Updater List View

Get It

The changes are more are now available on SugarOutfitters. If you are already a user of Background Updater the new version is now available in your purchases.

If not there is a 30–day free trial for you to test out how Background Updater can keep your data up to date.