We are excited to announce some new features Background Updater for SugarCRM. Background Updater allows admins to trigger updates to records  to keep data current in the system. Based on some customer feedback over the last few months we have two updates for version 2.3. Please see the video below for a walkthrough of the features.

Users now have the ability to have update processes not update the Date Modified or Modified By fields when records are processed. This is helpful because some reporting, KPIs, or workflows may be based on the user who last updated a record and when. Previously Background Updater would have always updated these fields which had the potential of conflicting with business processes. A simple checkbox will tell Background Updater to use a custom field instead of the date modified.

Secondly, admins can now easily clear the logs for each process that will help clean up endless log files from clogging up the database.

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