For many workflows in SugarCRM having the correct reports to user is vital for escalation of Tasks or notification purposes. With Organization Chart for SugarCRM it is easy to identify which users either do not report to anybody or are in the wrong team. The built in Sugar Organization Chart dashlets only allow users to see users reporting to them.

With our Sales Package upgrade dashlets can be created to view charts of Account and Contacts structures. This can be done in Home and List View dashlets as well as Record View of Accounts and Contacts for the current record.


Users Only Package

  • Graphical view of your organization
  • Admin users can edit user information right from the Org Chart
  • Create dashlets setting the parent user to see a segment of the organization
  • View users names, titles, work phone numbers, and email addresses on user cards and department other phone numbers, Roles, and Teams in the detail/edit views

Sales Package

  • All Users Only Features plus..
  • Create Org Chart Dashlets for Accounts
  • Create Org Chart Dashlets for Contacts

Below is a screen cast of the functionality of Org Charts for SugarCRM 7.

One nice feature we have added is an expand icon on the dashlet so the Org Chart can be viewed in full screen mode without leaving the current page. 


For more information and pricing see our listing on Sugar Outfitters