Managing users in SuiteCRM is a time consuming duty for CRM administrators. Earlier this year we launched Dashboard Copy Manager For SuiteCRM which allows admin users to copy user dashboards across their organization.

A missing piece was making managing those users easier for admins. To address this we launched Organization Chart For SuiteCRM on the SuiteCRM store.


There are several issues with managing users from the default List View.

  1. Non-Admin users do not have access to it
  2. Editing is slow
  3. It is difficult to see your organization at once
  4. It is difficult to audit the reporting users

Organization Chart for SuiteCRM solves each of these issues and more. Although the module could be hidden by access controls by default all users can view the Organization Chart. This allows the crm to serve as a rolodex each user can search by and  see where they fit within the organization.

Each user card shows their name, title, work phone, and email address right in the org chart. More data is available to all users using the icon in the upper right. For admin users the edit icon is available to quickly update user info right from the Organization Chart.


Having the correct reports to user helps keep your organization structure accurate and up to date. Additionally many workflows for organizations of all types involve sending notifications or record assignments to the manager of a user. For example, a support center may want to escalate a case to the manager if a service target is passed.



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