We just launched a new SuiteCRM plugin on the SuiteCRM Store called Dashboard Copy Manager. This tool is designed for administrators to quickly deploy a Home Page to multiple Users, Groups, or Roles.

Without this tool administrators must login as each user and set up their accounts individually. This can be time consuming at best and impossible at worst for installations with more than a handful of users. Dashboard Copy Manager also allows dashboard deployment to all users in a given Role or Group so the administrator doesn’t have to look up those users while copying the dashboard.

Setup Templates Based On Any User Profile

Dashboard Copy Manager for SuiteCRM


Deploy To Users, Roles, Or Groups

Dashboard Copy Manager for SuiteCRM

Selection Screen

Dashboard Copy Manager for SuiteCRM

Deployment Creates a Backup at the Same Time

Dashboard Copy Manager for SuiteCRM

Easily Restore From a Backup

Dashboard Copy Manager for SuiteCRM

Dashboard Copy Manager is on sale now on the SuiteCRM Store for $99/year. This cost is easily offset by the time savings of setting up your users. Dashboard Copy Manager works on all versions of SuiteCRM 7.x. Unfortunately it does not work on SugarCRM 7 but it will work on SugarCRM CE 6.5.x.

If you’d like a demo contact us via Email at shad@jackalsoftware.com or using the form to the right.




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